High Spring In Virginia

Our sourdough, duck-rabbit liver paté, green garlic spread

All the brassicas that didn't bolt, and some that did  

Asparagus, poached egg, cured yolk, burnt green garlic powder 

Rabbit braised with country ham, Mokum carrots, white beans, arugula pesto

Our goats cheese & wildflower honeycomb

Strawberries, spruce & verbena

This is an example menu. items subject to change according to availability, weather, whim or whatnot. Dinner is fifty dollars. A wine pairing is available for forty two dollars.



4pm - close 

VA Cheese    1 piece 5|2 pieces 10|3 pieces 15

Allan Benton’s Country Ham 9

Hubs home-roasted salted VA peanuts 4

Daily farmers-pick salad 6

Oysters 2 each 

Pickled anchovies, lemon & herbs 5

Our Wades Mill wholewheat sourdough & housemade lardo 4

Vegetable pickles & ferments of the moment 6

 All our food is sourced from local farmers, foragers and fishermen. Our suppliers include Whippoorwill Farm, Tricycle Urban Gardens, Tomten Farm, Goats R Us, Polyface, Growing Pastures, Wade's Mill, Old Church Creamery, Peacemeal Farm, Harlow Ridge, Ironclad Coffee, Foraged Kingdom, Frontier, Schofield Farm, Congressional Seafood, Delli Carpini & Manakintowne.