The Broken Tulip is owned and operated by husband and wife team David Crabtree-Logan and Sariann Lehrer. We met in the kitchen of a country pub in England, fell in love and began dreaming of our own restaurant. After several years and a couple of successful (if illegal) supper club operations in Oregon and Scotland, we settled in Richmond; excited by the thriving food scene, long growing season and abundance of dedicated and talented farmers and artisans in the region. We believe that a restaurant should serve important social functions, the most elemental of which is to allow all kinds of folk to break bread together and enjoy the pleasures of the table. We hope that our place will become an integral part of the community and we welcome collaborators from the worlds of food and farming, visual arts, spoken and written word, textiles, craft brewing & distilling and beyond. 




David first stepped foot into a kitchen 17 years ago after a high school friend passed the baton of a Saturday dishwashing job at the legendary Susie's Wholefood Diner in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a world of steam and intoxicating smells; unfamiliar, thrumming music and fantastic, alluring personalities. A world which made a strange kind of sense, almost immediately. From these halcyon beginnings David went on to train in some of  Scotland’s top kitchens; Michelin-starred The Kitchin and The Plumed Horse, both of which were key players in the regeneration of his home town of Leith and would prove invaluable mental and physical sharpeners. 

The ephemeral and transitory nature of cooking allowed David to spend his jolly twenties as a journeyman cook in the truest sense of the world, working variously in Ireland, Oregon, Yorkshire and Bristol and travelling in Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Western Europe, all the while delighting in the endless capacity for humans to create deliciousness from what they have available to them and becoming certain that the learning of a cook can never be complete. 

As head chef of Iglu Ethical Eatery and Helen Browning’s Royal Oak, David worked directly with some of the United Kingdom’s foremost organic farmers and came to understand the value of direct relationships with the people who produce our food. David is committed to working in collaboration with food producers to create interesting, delicious and heartfelt menus which reflect the time and place in which they are served. 




Sariann is a small town New England girl through and through. Raised on a farm in rural Connecticut, in a town where cows far outnumbered people, she was surrounded by the sights, smells, and tastes of agriculture. Convinced she was going to be a large animal veterinarian, Sariann earned her bachelor's degree in Animal Science from the University of Vermont. 

Sariann spent the balance of her career managing a medical practice, and then as the director of operations at a Boston mergers and acquisitions firm. She entered the food world 6 years ago with the publication of her cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook, a blog-turned-book by the grace of George R.R. Martin himself. Following on from the success of the cookbook launch, Sariann left the US and began training as a chef in England, where she and David crossed paths. Work in Portland, Oregon, and Scotland followed, where she developed her culinary skills, as well as restaurant and business management skills. 

While living in Scotland, Sariann pursued postgraduate studies in Gastronomy at Queen Margaret University, where her love of historical foods and recipes was affirmed. She enjoys rekindling love for lost foods, digging into the history behind them, and finding a place for them in our varied cultures today.